02.04.2020 — Innovation

Audencia joins the TEDxNantes partner community!

Audencia may be 120 years old, but it is often said that youth is in the head... Proof of its inexhaustible dynamism, the school is pleased to join the TEDxNantes 2020 edition!

But by the way, TED... what does it mean?

For 30 years, the American TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conferences have been bringing together brilliant minds in their field to share their ideas with their contemporaries. It's an annual event where the world's top talents are invited to share their passion for technology, entertainment and design. These conferences have become more and more international, hence the addition of the "x" before the city where the TED conference takes place, signifying independence.

TEDxNantes conferences are designed to provide a truly immersive experience, combining inspiring talks, artistic and humoristic performances. From the scenography to the design of the talks and the ideas presented, design is present in every dimension of the conferences.

TEDxNantes is a community of committed, inspired, active, recurring optimists and credible utopians. The values and missions of Tedx are in total agreement with those of Audencia:

  • Our Values: giving meaning, enlightening thoughts, opening minds, sowing seeds today to create value tomorrow, believing in the (un)possible.
  • Our Vision: the audacity to contribute to make the world a better place.
  • Our Mission: to disseminate knowledge, contribute to change, inspire new practices and change the paradigm.

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