And our future ?

In 2019, Audencia’s slogan was changed to ‘Never Stop Daring’ to highlight what makes Audencia unique and to mark this new and exciting global chapter in the school’s history.

Never stop daring

Our leitmotiv? To remain faithful to our history and our roots in order to build our future!

Building our future based on our history and our values

Audencia continues to assert its singularity to enable our students to flourish and be the leaders of tomorrow's world. To do so, the School accompanies the profound revolutions that impact our society. It affirms its commitment to key issues related to corporate environmental and social responsibility.

Innovation, cooperation and responsibility are strong values that we defend in each of our actions.

Laurent Métral, President of Audencia, and Christophe Germain, Dean of Audencia, present what Audencia will be tomorrow through the 10 fundamentals of the school

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