120 years

120 moments

In 2020, to mark its 120th anniversary, Audencia took you through 120 defining moments throughout January to December, in France and abroad.

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inno vation

Écolier dans un costume lors d'une réunion

Act as a challenger

Anticipate the needs of businesses and the market, shape trends, be entrepreneurial, move lines, etc. A pioneer in many fields, over the years Audencia has defined the new trends of French and international business schools: a compulsory study semester abroad, lessons on general knowledge, incorporation of CSR in all programmes, and more recently cross-skilling.

Coope ration

Succeed together

Both internally and externally, cooperation is a daily reality, pushed along by a participatory managerial model that advocates consultation, collaboration and co-creation, encourages the involvement and integration of all of its stakeholders in decisions affecting the school.
Thanks to the work of its chairs and to its proximity with the business world, Audencia anticipates new managerial challenges and the need for agility in organisations.

Cours sur la transition énergétique
Immeuble en contre plongée

Under the seal of co-operation, the school asserts its differentiating position of cross-skilling with strong partnerships such as the Alliance Centrale-Audencia-ensa Nantes, the creation of double-degrees and the opening of the Shenzhen Audencia Business School (SABS) in China.

Respon sability

School meeting at WWF

Assert our difference

The first French higher education institution to sign the United Nations Global Compact in 2004, a partner of WWF France since 2010, the only French school to be part of the 30 PRME Champions, the first business school to obtain the LUCIE label in 2013, renewed in 2016, the first to sign the LGBT charter in 2015, or to develop NégoTraining in 2017 to reduce the wage difference between women and men.

Responsibility is one of Audencia’s fundamental commitments and it is a pioneer in this field. It takes the form of partnerships with the school’s different stakeholders and is expressed in research and education.

Professor giving his lesson

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