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ECOS 2025 strategic plan: Audencia towards a new business school model

The realization of a collective work of several months, this is how one could present Audencia's 2021-2025 strategic plan, unveiled this month. Its name? ECOS 2025.

Why this name? In reference to the ancient Greek word meaning ‘home, our EARTH’, and therefore by extension the entire society. By this name, Audencia reminds its historical attachment to the values ​​of the common good, inclusion and respect for the environment. The school and its stakeholders have drawn up a new roadmap structured around 4 main axes, all serving a common goal: the positive impact on society and the planet. Among these axes:

  • The creation of Gaïa, Audencia's school of ecological and social transition: Gaïa is the very first school fully dedicated to training in managerial strategies and practices with positive impact launched by a business school, in line with the objectives of sustainable development.
  • Generalized and increased hybridization: the programs will be thoroughly reviewed in order to integrate a common base linked to new technologies: data and artificial intelligence. New hybrid programs and learning spaces promoting interdisciplinarity will be created in France and abroad.
  • Development plan prompting even stronger impact: Any project will be designed to maximize the school's contribution in terms of behavior, professionalism, society and environment. Audencia will be based on sustained, controlled and inclusive development that will allow it to reach a budget of 100 million euros in 2025.
  • A new organisational template: The school will lead huge changes in its activities, organization and management system.

The global purpose of this new strategic plan? Build a new business school model, more fair, world-open, sharing humanist values, and ensuring that students are resolutely convinced that they belong to the same community of destiny.

“The goal is not to become the best school in the world, but rather to be a school that is better for the world, and to be recognised as such both nationally and internationally.” Christophe Germain, Dean of Audencia

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