10.12.2020 — Pedagogy, CSR

Throwback to the digital masterclass "Energy transition and economic growth: the impossible equation".

Last month, Audencia invited you to its online masterclass: "Energy transition and economic growth: the impossible equation?" Our current way of life questions the sustainability of traditional economic models, but also the long-term viability of ecosystems and human societies. Many states (including Saudi Arabia and the United States) and international bodies recognise that a transition to less carbon-intensive energy is a compelling solution to the climate and health problems of the future. However, today our consumption of fossil fuels accounts for 80% of the world's energy mix. How can this be done?

In order to understand the relationship between energy and climate, and the complexity of an energy transition, José Maillet, lecturer at Audencia and an expert in marketing and corporate social responsibility, addressed the following points: what is energy transition? How big is the problem? What future can we imagine?

Energy transition refers to a profound structural change in the way energy is produced and consumed. It is one of the components of ecological transition.

It is the result of technical developments, prices and availability of energy resources, but also of a desire on the part of populations, governments, companies or organisations to reduce the negative effects of this sector on the environment. Various government institutions and NGOs have proposed definitions and scenarios of energy transition. Scenarios often involve a shift from the current energy system (based on the use of non-renewable resources) to an energy mix that relies mainly on renewable resources, or even a reduction in consumption.

This masterclass was a great success, thank you to all our participants!

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