03.09.2020 — Never Stop Daring

Debate evening: "Are we ready for tomorrow's high-impact business? » 

Yesterday night, Ticket for Change Nantes, Audencia and DRO (the Western Responsible Leaders) joined forces for an evening of exchange at the Atlantic Campus in Nantes around a theme: the vision of tomorrow's company.     

This debate focused more particularly on two major findings:     

  • In addition to generating profit, companies in 2021 will have to be able to generate a Positive influence for all parties involved: employees, suppliers and partners, investors, cities and territories, associations, environment…
  • To last, the company will have to know how to renew itself, even reinvent itself. Remember that an impact company is respectful of its employees as well as its suppliers, involved in its local ecosystem, concerned about protecting the environment, profitable and ahead of its time, the impact company multiplies its virtues.


To animate this debate, prestigious speakers were present:     

  • Mathilde JOUNOT, Journalist and filmmaker specialized in the preservation of the oceans.  
  • Emmanuelle DUEZ, Founder of The Boson Project (Subject to confirmation)  
  • Charlie FELGATE, Vision leader at Décathlon  
  • Lionel FOURNIER, Director, Atlantic Region Mutual Harmony and Chairman of Western Responsible Officers  
  • Marie GABORIT, Managing Director of Toovalu, a CSR and climate strategy steering company.  

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