22.07.2020 — Live, Finance

Zoom on the webinar of the audencia global performance and multi-capital chair:

On July 9, the Audencia Global Performance & Multi-Capitals Chair offered a webinar entitled:

"What connections between financial accounting and non-financial accounting? »

Sustainable and intangible development, inventory of representations in financial accounting


Accounting is constantly reinventing itself in different contexts and at different times. Since the 1970s, and the Club of Rome sounded the alarm, we have been questioning its validity and its ability to account for a world that is facing environmental and social limitations.

Today, sustainable development, but also the intangible, are the two new limits of accounting. It is time to rise up, to question the way in which researchers, practitioners and standard-setting bodies have approached the link between environmental, social and financial accounting in recent years.

With the participation of:

  • Eugénie Faure | Senior Financial Auditor EY | Expert at the "Performance Globale Multi-Capital" Chair,
  • Emmanuelle Cordano | President CSR4 Finance | Expert at the "Performance Globale Multi-Capital" Chair
  • Delphine Gibassier | Associate Professor of Sustainable Development Accounting, holder of the "Performance Globale Multi-Capital" Chair

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