20.05.2020 — Challenge, Students

Let’s participate in the Audencia Boutique Logo Contest and decorate the sweatshirt of the class of 2023 !

La Boutique is the association that manages the design and marketing of Audencia products. It acts as a link between suppliers and the administration, providing merchandising items at numerous events and to various associations. It is professionalizing in this respect because all the members are responsible for a project that they must carry out in parallel with the administration and the Audencia communication team, but are also in contact with the school's management, to whom Audencia branded objects must be offered.

This year, La Boutique is organizing a Logo contest for the Audencia student community, class of 2023.

Let your creativity speak for itself. Wake up the artist in you! The lucky winner will have the honour of having his or her own logo featured on all Audencia sweatshirts for the class of 2023, and of course, a sweatshirt will be offered to the gifted winner!

Feel like taking a look around the shop? It's this way:

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