27.03.2020 — Never Stop Daring

The Annual Activity Report is out!

Audencia Business School offers its students an ethical education of excellence. Its academic and operational corpus instills in future leaders and managers the ability to innovate, create value and implement enlightened and responsible management. Audencia continues to assert its international dimension. Through the excellence of its pedagogy but also the audacity it demonstrates, the school supports the hybridization of its students' skills. Without, however, setting aside the characteristics that have constituted its DNA: Respect and benevolence in all its actions.

In a transversal way, the hybridization of skills, internationalization and strong relationships with companies are among our differentiating elements that we must continue to support as part of our development in the higher education market," says Nicolas Arnaud, director of Programs and Grande Ecole Programme.

Never stop daring. Boldness. It is at the heart of Audencia's evolution, which creates value, expands internationally and focuses on transformation. Our goal: enhanced quality for all, driven by innovation and inspired by our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. A credo.

Click here for our 2019 annual Report:

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