16.01.2020 — Digital

Launching of Audencia Store, New apps and SI City Campus

In 2020, the programme of transformation in the digital age is being restructured. One of the first manifestations of this evolution is the launch of the Audencia Store, aimed at students and employees! This is a selection of applications chosen by the IT department for their reliability, security and everyday usefulness. 

How to access it? Go to, where you will be able to log in with your Audencia login credentials. You can then access the 56 applications classified in different categories: collaborative, office automation, communication, Essentials, multimedia, pedagogy, technical ... Teams, Sharepoint and OneDrive are available for example. 

The Vodéclic training tool will guide you in your learning and will evolve According to your comments and feedback.With the Audencia Store, the school is equipped with more tools, contributes and reinforces its Cybersecurity! 

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